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Prepare for the Fall

A stack of blankets

Summer has come and gone and the season is changing rapidly. Though it may not necessarily be getting cold like other regions in the United States, you can still prepare yourself for the fall here in Houston, TX. In this week’s Driscoll Place Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on ways you can prepare your apartment for the fall. 

Break Out the Blankets

Though it may not get extremely cold here in Texas, it will get more chilly, which is why you should break out the blankets! Cozying up your home is a good way to prepare for the fall. Blankets, pillows, and other comfort items will give your home a more comfortable feeling and allow you to get warm if things do get cold!


Many people associate cleaning with the spring, but when you’re preparing your home for the fall, it’s a good practice to clean up as well. Grab some cleaning supplies and start decluttering your home. While you’re cleaning, you can start removing unwanted things and giving it to a thrift store or homeless shelter. Once you’ve gotten rid of unwanted clutter, you can start taking out your fall and winter items like sweaters and coats!


Bring your home into the new season by decorating! If you’ve followed our earlier tip, you’ll have a comfy looking home thanks to your blankets, but take it to the next level by investing in some candles, fall colored decorative items, and wreaths. If you need some help knowing how to style your home, you can check out Pinterest or just give it a try yourself! 


Fall is a great season and your home should reflect it! If you’ve got some fun ways you prepare for the change in season, let us know of them by leaving a comment!